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From gangster to community role model

Derrick Jones, also known as 'Loyal', is part of the nine-man Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP)-sponsored Men With A Message that is now working to coerce young males to turn away from crime. 'Loyal' is adamant that no matter what obstacles or trials he may face, he has washed his hands of that destructive lifestyle.

"No matter who Lucifer send, it could be Beelzebub, I am focussed. I don't see anything negative. I wouldn't like the youths to come and grow up like me, so the elders have got to hold them and steer them. That's why we are planting seeds in their heads from now," Jones added.

Before Jones joined up with the CSJP and passed a stringent vetting process to become a member of Men With A Message, he was a major player in a bloody battle between dangerous gangs in Southside.


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